The policies set forth herein outline the ethical breeding practices expected of
    all EJRTCA members. You may be subject to a kennel inspection (with notice)
    at any time deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

    Plan each litter; carefully select stud dog and bitch to be mated based on
    pedigrees, the parents' conformation (according to EJRTCA breeding
    standard), working ability, and temperament.

    Breeding only to/from adults which are free from any inheritable defects, and
    avoid the introduction of any detrimental factors.

    Adhere to the EJRTCA's current policy on inbreeding. Note: When planning a
    breeding, any questions concerning the above should be referred to a board

    Breed only healthy, mature bitches over one year of age preferably not before
    the second heat, allowing proper spacing between litters.

    Do not breed any bitch to more than one stud dog during a single heat period.

    Register all stud dogs in the EJRTCA registry prior to use for breeding.

    Breed stud dogs only to those outside adult bitches who appear to meet the
    EJRTCA breed standard, and are free of genetic defects of any kind.

    We advise you get a current negative Brucella test on all bitches prior to

    Provide a signed and dated EJRTCA Stud Certificate.

    Keep all breeding stock under clean and sanitary conditions.

    Provide adequate housing and run areas of adequate size with safety features
    specific to the character and exercise requirements for Jack Russell Terriers.

    Provide maximum health protection through regular inoculations, worming
    and periodic veterinarian examinations.

    A semi-annual brucella test is recommended for all breeding (dogs and

    Carefully screen all potential buyers, educating them on all aspects of the
    Jack Russell Terrier.

    Sell only to proper homes; individuals who give adequate evidence that they
    have a satisfactory environment, Sell only to proper homes; individuals who
    give adequate evidence that they have a satisfactory environment, and will
    give the terrier the proper care, attention and exercise required.

    Accurately represent the qualities of your terriers to the purchaser; do not
    knowingly use misleading or untruthful statements in selling or advertising.

    Spay or neuter any mature dog/bitch with a known genetic defect.Provide
    buyers with health and general care information at the time of the sale.

    Provided buyers with the paperwork necessary for registration.

    Be responsible for terriers sold for their lifetime. If a purchaser cannot keep a
    terrier you have sold, make every effort to assist the buyer in finding an
    appropriate home.

    Do not knowingly sell or consign puppies or adults to pet shops, puppy mills,
    supply terriers for raffles, prizes or similar projects.

    Use sales contracts or written agreements to cover any special provisions of
    sale or service transactions.
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