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Background Picture: Copyright© All rights reserved, by Laura Alexander
The English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance, Inc.
(EJRTCA), is determined to establish recognition
for our little guys and to keep their lines pure. We
are dedicated in the creation of a proper registry to
guide both breeders and owners in the
perpetuation of the breed as a working terrier,
judged as much by working ability as by
First incorporated in 1996 as EJRTCA "America".
Starting gate, and raccoon urine for sale. Contact
Laurel Foster
luvpelicans@gmail.com  Please
direct all membership, registration, and general
questions to:
E-mail: Jana Crawford
Jana's Website
Thank you for visiting. You are Welcome to come back as often as
you would like.
Past President and Webmaster: E-mail  Laurel
Copyright© 1995 - 2013  English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance.
All rights reserved
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AKC NEWS:  The EJRTCA was the first independent shorty registry approved
as an acceptable domestic registry by the American Kennel Club.   
See the letter from the AKC here...
AKC/FSS letter.
AKC/FSS affiliation is hereby discontinued. November 20, 2007
at 9:09 PM pacific time! We have different standards! We
believe we have the proper standard for English Jack Russell
          ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Read!!!!!!!!!!

There are people pretending to be our club. If you are not
dealing with Jana you are NOT dealing with our club. If
you are NOT on
EJRTCA.ORG you are not on our site!!!

When looking to buy
EJRTCA dogs you need to check
with us to make sure the people selling are legitimate?  
Our registry will be closed to all unregistered dogs
beginning January 2017.  That gives anyone a year to get
their dog in.  After that they must be registered with an
approved registry (AKC, UKC, foreign registry) to be
eligible with our registry unless the board unanimously
agrees to allow that dog to enter. Nothing changes with
EJRTCA dogs. This will only affect dogs not registered
with EJRTCA.